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Most of us have never gazed lovingly at our reflection and pondered who is fairest of all, but plenty of people rely on mirrors to help them ensure a presentable appearance before they head to work, embark on a date, or simply leave for a morning jog. Magic or not, mirrors definitely serve a practical purpose in the average home.

They can do a lot more than simply cast a reflection, though. Mirrors can also help to make your interior spaces look bigger and brighter. With proper placement they can visually expand your rooms and bounce the sun’s rays to areas of the home that are otherwise devoid of natural light.

Like any item you add to your home decor, mirrors can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, and this is especially true when you create custom mirror features. Whether you want to frame out unique mirrored installations in common locales like bathrooms and entryways or you’d like to add light and movement to your living room or bedroom with a mirror over the mantel or a vanity, respectively, you can do a lot more than you might suspect with mirror features.

Let Lone Star’s team of experts help you determine the best way to add custom mirror features to your home and you’re sure to see dramatic improvements to spaces that are small or large, brightly or dimly lit, or simply in need of adornment.

Lone Star Custom Trim was established with the building industry and home builders in mind. With an industry that varies so widely between exceptional and substandard carpenters, we have handpicked the most outstanding carpenters in North Texas.

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