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There’s no denying the importance of exterior doors, which stop both the elements and intruders from entering your home uninvited. They provide you with safety and protection from outside threats. So long as they fulfill this essential function, there’s no reason you can’t also choose a form that reflects the style of your home and your personal preferences.

What about interior doors, though? If you have teenagers living in your home, you’d better hope they’re solid, because they’re likely to take a lot of abuse, and you definitely want them to contain whatever awful form of noise pollution passes for music in the new generation.

Interior doors are generally designed more for privacy than anything else, although with more families taking in elderly relatives, the ability to dampen noise pollution like snoring is a major boon. They can also contribute to your overall decor when you choose the right products.

Lone Star can help you on both scores, providing an array of options that not only suit your practical requirements, but also enhance the look of your home interior. Whether your interior doors aren’t performing to your standards or their appearance is subpar, an upgrade can improve both function and visual appeal throughout your home.

Lone Star Custom Trim was established with the building industry and home builders in mind. With an industry that varies so widely between exceptional and substandard carpenters, we have handpicked the most outstanding carpenters in North Texas.

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