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You no doubt have all kinds of lighting in your home, from glaring overhead globes, to recessed cans, to pendants over the bar or island, to a chandelier in the stairwell, to floor and table lamps. Not every home features the same forms of lighting, but few of us rely solely on the overhead fixtures that come with a house to provide illumination for the many tasks and activities that take place in our homes.

This is because lighting is used for so much more than simply helping us see after dark. Yes, lighting is certainly functional – you need it in the kitchen to see if food is good, bad, or finished cooking, or in the bathroom to apply makeup – but the right lighting can also create a mood.

If you want your home to feel warm and inviting, if you want to create a relaxing retreat from the world, then soft, ambient light can definitely do the trick. With indirect light kits, you can create a subtle glow the bounces off walls and ceilings, a gentle cascade of illumination that washes over your living spaces.

Direct lighting has its place, especially for task-oriented rooms like a kitchen or home office. With Lone Star’s indirect light kits, you can also create the serene atmosphere that allows you to truly enjoy your leisure time.

Lone Star Custom Trim was established with the building industry and home builders in mind. With an industry that varies so widely between exceptional and substandard carpenters, we have handpicked the most outstanding carpenters in North Texas.

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