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When it comes to adding moulding to a room, whether you’re doing it for practical purposes or aesthetic reasons, you might not know where a chair rail fits in. Is it meant to stop chair-backs from marring the wall? Or is it intended to make a room look balanced and properly proportioned?

It can serve both purposes, but it’s actually intended as a bit of visual trickery to add scale to a room and make it feel, well, right. Certainly there are standards for the height of a chair rail, but generally speaking, you want to place them where they’re going to make a room feel right. This is why so many rooms feature chair rails much lower than the top of a chair-back.

It’s actually a mistake to set them to the height of your chairs. What happens if you get new chairs that don’t match? If, however, you enter a room and it feels too small or large, chair rails are an ideal means of making the space look balanced and feel comfortable and inviting.

Whether you want to top off wainscoting, beadboard, or other lower wall paneling, or you love the look of a sectioned wall with darker paint on the bottom and a lighter shade above, our chair rails can add character, visual appeal, and proportion to any room.

Lone Star Custom Trim was established with the building industry and home builders in mind. With an industry that varies so widely between exceptional and substandard carpenters, we have handpicked the most outstanding carpenters in North Texas.

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